• Did not like the soft ground as he does not like to get his hoofs wet
  • The jockey went too soon and left the horse behind
  • I think he needs to front run as he does not like to run with other horses
  • Did not like running on grass and prefers the all weather, green is just not his colour
  • Let’s try over a shorter trip he got tired, one furlong would be good
  • Jockeys says he will win a small race soon, especially if there are no other horses in the race
  • hink we have a wind problem, no its not flatulence
  • Has a tendon and we need to rest for a while, probably 5 years
  • Jockey said he heard a noise but we are close to the motorway
  • I think we need to scope him as I am at a loss to explain this run
  • We got boxed in and the jockey could not get out, but the horse did
  • Not bad for first time out, he will improve from this race
  • Need to sort out his jumping, apart from that he ran well
  • Could be a National horse as he has plenty of stamina, should stay 10 miles at this pace
  • Ground went against him as all the other horses churned it up ahead of him
  • Missed the break and got snookered coming into the straight
  • Have you ever throught about point to pointing


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